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Floating Icicles - Aerdenhout

Floating Chandelier

Groenensteyn's Floating Butterfly series is unique worldwide and gives a magical effect to the space. The Floating Butterfly chandelier, fits perfectly in any space and is completely handmade in the Netherlands.

The crystal flowers of this chandelier each hang from an ultra thin wire, almost invisible to the eye, creating the floating effect of the crystal. The floating flower is characterized by two different types of crystals: faceted cone combined with cloverleaf cone. This special combination creates a unique sparkle and a beautiful 3D effect in the room.

The Butterflies are illuminated from the top with LED spots. Two different light colors are possible here: 2700K or 3000K. The dimmable function of the LED bulbs makes it possible to create the perfect atmosphere in the room.

The butterflies are available from €125 each. In addition, there is a wide range of variations and options within our Butterfly series, which can be completely tailored to the preferences of our customers. You can choose from 5 different variables (see below). We are ready to give you personal advice on which options will suit you best.