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+4100 chandelier projects worldwide

Worldwide shipping

Showroom with +250 chandeliers in Woerdense Verlaat

Third generation family business

Delivery time 3-4 weeks

Sustainability pledge

At Groenensteyn, we believe that true luxury is a combination of craftsmanship, aesthetics and respect for our planet. We are proud of our position as a leading brand in handmade chandeliers, but we also recognize the responsibility this entails.

Zero-Waste Design

Our commitment to sustainability begins with the design process. Every detail of the chandelier is carefully considered, with the goal of minimizing its impact on the environment. We follow the principles of zero-waste, fully utilizing every resource and material so that there is no waste. This is how we respect and continue the traditional craft of chandelier making, but also care for the world we live in.

Company-wide sustainability

Our sustainability promise goes beyond the production process. We strive to be a company that is sustainable on all levels. This means constantly looking at how we can improve our processes to reduce Groenenseteyn's carbon footprint. Whether it's using green energy in our workshops, minimizing packaging materials, or supporting local suppliers - sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

Where craftsmanship and sustainability come together

We understand that our global customers have high demands and expectations of our products. Not only in terms of design and quality, but also in terms of ethical and environmentally conscious production. Therefore, at Groenensteyn, we promise not only exceptional craftsmanship, but also a deeply rooted commitment to sustainability. Our chandeliers are not only meant to last for generations, but also to contribute to a future where our planet can continue to thrive.