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Violette & Elinore - Ambassade Hotel Amsterdam

Violette - Classic 14-arm crystal chandelier

Discover the enchanting Violette by Groenensteyn: a 14-armed chandelier that transforms any room into a majestic palace. Part of our Maria Theresa series, the Violette is named after the famous Empress of Austria.

The Violette chandelier, with its compact shape, is specially designed for lower spaces where people need to walk underneath. Consider, for example, a study, a living room or a kitchen. This magnificent chandelier, made from the most refined European materials, is completely handmade in the Netherlands.

The Violette chandelier is known for its iron frame, which is finished with glass strips and rosettes, as well as the multitude of hanging crystal pendants. The chandelier is distinguished by its 14 straight arms, with a light fixture mounted at the end of each arm.

The chandelier features 14 light points (E14) and is suitable for both traditional incandescent and energy-efficient LED bulbs. Personalize your Violette with two stunning frame options: a sophisticated silver chrome frame or a luxurious 24-karat gold frame.

Elinore (145 cm) - classic 8-armed Maria Theresa crystal chandelier

Discover the breathtaking beauty of the Elinore, a classic 8-arm chandelier by Groenensteyn. Part of the prestigious Maria Theresa series, named after the iconic Austrian empress, this chandelier represents a fusion of luxury and craftsmanship.

Made entirely by hand in the Netherlands from the finest European materials, the Elinore stands out with its sizable diameter of 125 centimeters and a height of 145 centimeters. The chandelier has the ability to transform any room into a royal palace.

The Elinore consists of an iron frame richly decorated with glass strips, rosettes and a multitude of hanging crystal pendants. With its eight arms and 25 points of light, it casts an enchanting glow and shines a beautiful spectrum of color, sometimes visible as subtle rainbows.

Whether your hallway, living room, bedroom or dining room, the Elinore is designed to shine. She also offers flexibility in lighting, with E14 fittings that accommodate both LED bulbs and incandescent bulbs. Choose the finish that suits your style: a silver chrome frame or a 24-karat gold frame.