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Violette, Floating Butterflies, Ivy - Antwerpen

Violette - Classic 14-arm crystal chandelier

Discover the enchanting Violette by Groenensteyn: a 14-armed chandelier that transforms any room into a majestic palace. Part of our Maria Theresa series, the Violette is named after the famous Empress of Austria.

The Violette chandelier, with its compact shape, is specially designed for lower spaces where people need to walk underneath. Consider, for example, a study, a living room or a kitchen. Made from the most refined European materials, this stunning chandelier is completely handmade in the Netherlands.

The Violette chandelier is known for its iron frame, which is finished with glass strips and rosettes, as well as the multitude of hanging crystal pendants. The chandelier is distinguished by its 14 straight arms, with a light fixture mounted at the end of each arm.

The chandelier features 14 light points (E14) and is suitable for both traditional incandescent and energy-efficient LED bulbs. Personalize your Violette with two stunning frame options: a sophisticated silver chrome frame or a luxurious 24-karat gold frame.

Floating Butterfly kroonluchter met zwevende vlinders van kristal

Groenensteyn's Floating Butterfly series is unique worldwide and gives a magical effect to the space. The Floating Butterfly chandelier, fits perfectly in any space and is completely handmade in the Netherlands.

The crystal Butterflies of this chandelier each hang from an ultra thin wire, almost invisible to the eye, creating the floating effect of the crystal. The Floating Butterfly has four identical crystals, each with a faceted cut, creating an unprecedented spectrum of color. This particular combination creates a unique sparkle and a beautiful 3D effect in the room. The Butterflies are illuminated from the top with LED spotlights. Two different light colors are possible here: 2700K or 3000K. The dimmable function of the LED bulbs makes it possible to create the perfect atmosphere in the room.

There is a wide range of variations and options within our Butterfly series, which can be completely tailored to our customers' preferences. You can choose from 5 different variables (see below). We are ready to give you personalized advice on which options will suit you best.

Ivy (22 cm) - unique wall light with crystal rods and beads

Discover the Ivy, an enchanting crystal wall lamp by Groenensteyn; a timeless and unique design that exudes luxury and sophistication. Two types of crystals - beads and rods - are carefully placed to create a beautiful light spectrum, creating a breathtaking effect in any room.

The Ivy's compact size makes it the perfect addition to your bedroom, hallway, toilet, landing or living room. Crafted from the finest European materials and handmade in Holland, the Ivy guarantees unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

Measuring 22 cm high, 12 cm long and 17 cm wide, the Ivy is both elegant and practical. The wall light includes one E14 light bulb, suitable for both traditional incandescent and energy-saving LED bulbs. Make your Ivy wall light unique by choosing from two stunning frame colors: a stylish silver chrome frame or a luxurious 24-karat gold frame.